3/18, Brooding in Inwood

On a very nice late Sunday afternoon I checked on the red-tail nest in Inwood Hill Park and was rewarded with the sight of a nest switch-off.

Mr. and Mrs. Inwood

Just a minute or so of activity as the female returned from a meal (check out that crop) and rest break and the male took off. The female gave me one dirty glare, and then all was quiet (except for the chirping cardinal and the whining squirrel)..

Mrs. Inwood

I hoped to also see one of the great horned owls who have also been in Inwood Hill Park this spring, and who were spotted there as recently as a day ago, but had no luck. Several neighborhood folk were about checking the tree tops, so I know I was at least checking the right area. Oh, well.

Posted 3/19/2012 02:49:00 AM by Robert

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