4/11, Cathedral Switch-Off

Yes, it's been quiet around here. Although I've been over to the corner of 113th and Morningside Dr. numerous times in the past month, I only caught a couple quick glimpses of hawk activity in the area, and none at the nest. But today, moments after I arrived, a hawk flew up to the nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine and a switch-off ensued as the other got up and flew out.

Cathedral Hawk

There was no follow-up switch-off that I saw, so it would appear that Isolde was returning from her dinner break and Norman was taking off for the evening.

I'm completely at sea in trying to guess when there will be a hatch at the Cathedral nest. It usually runs a week or a bit more after the first Manhattan nest hatches, which would suggest next week. The Washington Square Park red-tail nest has had both of its eggs hatch in recent days, and I expect that the Highbridge Park-Swindlers Cove nest has also hatched. The Inwood Hill nest will likely see a hatch any day now.

Posted 4/11/2012 09:00:00 PM by Robert

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