4/17, Activity in the Nest Bowl?

A day after seeing an adult Cathedral hawk do something I didn't think I'd seen before, it happened again. I arrived on Morningside Drive to again find one of the adults visible on the south side of the nest, fussing around a bit but also just looking at the bottom of the nest. A couple minutes later, just like yesterday, the hawk jumped up on St. Andrew's head.

Hawk on Head

But this time the hawk, again presumably Norman, spent five minutes or more just looking around. No sign of the other hawk.

Hawk on Head

But then after I took a half minute to switch to a different vantage point, I looked up to see...

Hawk on Head

Two hawks now, But the scene didn't last long as Norman took off for the hospital roof.


Isolde spent several minutes just sort of standing there near the side of the nest, looking down inside and occasionally fussing about. Hmmm, as any hawk watcher nows, this could be a major sign. Finally she settled down and I wandered off to see what Norman was up to.

Hawk on the Hospital Roof

Not much. Just watching pigeons. And definitely with no eye to eating one of them as several flew past him, and one even perched 15 feet away, without Norman making a move. He seemed to be just enjoying the nice evening.

Then in a non-nest switch-off. Isolde flew up and took Norman's spot on the hospital roof, and Norman took off, in the general direction of the nest. Isolde remained up there as the light dimmed.

Posted 4/17/2012 11:44:00 PM by Robert

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