7/3, Crying on the Rooftop

The robins were no help finding any of the cathedral red-tail fledglings on Tuesday evening. Instead, after over an hour of hunting around the cathedral grounds and Morningside Park, it was the cries of a fledgling that finally revealed one of the three young birds.

At first sight, he was perched atop one of the statue turrets above St. Martin chapel.

Fledgling in a Turret

But then he dove down toward the roof of the Cathedral School. Ah-ha, Papa Norman was there and the fledge was hoping for a meal delivery.

Norman Visits

Alas, Norman took off 15 seconds later, leaving the young hawk to cry and beg and otherwise make a lot of noise for no payout. At times, the sounds seemed to be in stereo, making me wonder if another fledgling was perched somewhere close by, but if so, I couldn't spot it.

The fledge in sight maneuvered around the school roof, one end to the other and in between and perching at multiple spots, and making one short visit across the street to a treetop in the park. The robins in the park chased him back.

Shoo, Robins, Go 'Way

Still, the crying continued.

I'm Hungary!

After it seemed he had finally settled down, perching on a chimney, I made my exit.

Posted 7/03/2012 10:52:00 PM by Robert

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