7/9, Quiet in the Close

Finding the cathedral red-tail fledglings has been difficult of late, as there are numerous places to look and the area's small birds don't seem to be issuing helpful alarms as much as before. Monday evening after making a complete pass of the area, I took a second look in the cathedral's south close as I headed out. There was a quick glimpse of an adult perched on the roof of the Synod House but whoever it was took off immediately. A couple faint squeeps suggested a youngster was about, but where. Finally one popped out of a tree near the Peace Garden, and finally there were some squirrel alarms but no robin alerts. The fledge switched positions a couple times before landing up a nearby tree. Unfortunately, the evening light was already going.

Cathedral RT Fedgling

That youngster moved about a bit more and then disappeared in the direction of the cathedral's biblical garden. I hung about a bit longer in case he might re-appear and after a while was rewarded with the sight of a fledgling again appearing over by the Synod House. Hmmm, I don't think that was the same one. Dusk was descending as the second youngster descended to the lawn to investigate a paper bag. As a couple squirrels crept up on him, he decided it was safer back in the trees. When I left he was lurking near Amsterdam Ave.

Hawk Silhouette

Posted 7/09/2012 11:36:00 PM by Robert

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