7/1, Solo Fledgling in the Heat

Various issues kept me from checking on the cathedral red-tailed hawks for a week. Then when I did spend an hour and a half looking for them on Friday, I saw and heard nothing. Another hour at the cathedral and in Morningside Park on Sunday looked like it was going to be a bust, but just as I was exiting the area, I looked sideways and spotted one of the fledglings.

Fledgling on the Nave

He was perched on the shady side of the nave, out of the sun on a very hot Sunday, and also away from the trees where those obnoxious robins might chirp-chirp at him.

At one brief moment it looked like he might be watching a parent fly by.

Fledgling on the Nave

Although he might have just been panting and watching a jet. He was also scanning the parking lot below, as little as there is to see down there.

Fledgling on the Nave

And unfortunately, after 10 minutes I had to leave for family dinner.

Posted 7/02/2012 02:36:00 AM by Robert

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