2/22, Isolde in Winter

Catching sight of the St. John's cathedral hawks during winter has never been a simple thing as they have a sizable territory and don't hang around the nest area much. And with Norman apparently killed during the hurricane and a possible new male in the area, who knows what might be up. But late on a gloomy Friday afternoon, I got my first good look at Isolde in months.


She was perched 15 floors up on the roof of the condos at 1MSD, her back to the cathedral and generally keeping an eye on things to the south and west. Ten quiet minutes later, she stood up, leaped, and flew off west along 111th St.


Five minutes later I found her circling about over the intersection of Broadway and 110th. She didn't seem to be hunting the many area pigeons, and I suspect she was doing a see-and-be-seen to let someone in Riverside Park know who the territory belonged to. A minute or two later she turned east and headed back toward the cathedral.

Posted 2/22/2013 07:37:00 PM by Robert

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