3/2, Two and Far Between

Sometime you don't have to look for hawks. Instead, they find you.

I had barely stepped out of my apartment building Saturday afternoon and walked to the corner of Broadway before I realized there was hawk perched on a rooftop just a half block away.

Young Hawk

A juvenile red-tail, apparently digesting a meal. He was the fifth hawk I've spotted while walking along Broadway between 100th and 110th in the past month and a half.

But such easy luck did not hold. A stroll over to and around the north end of Central Park seemed fruitless. It wasn't until sunset approached and I was working my way out of the park that I spotted another hawk, perched far away atop the Cardinal Cooke health center on Fifth Ave.

Cardinal Cooke Hawk

Posted 3/03/2013 02:31:00 AM by Robert

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