3/17, A Juvie by the Pool and a Cathedral Note

Sunday hawkwatching looked to be almost a bust. I tried to check on two new Manhattan red-tailed hawk nest sites but had no luck finding either.

Late in the day as I was packing it in, I ran across a juvenile red-tail just south of the Pool in Central Park.

Juvie RT by the Pool

He was doing some head-bobbing, although whether it was because he was hunting or he was staring down all the little birds chirping about his presence it was hard to say.

March 17

The skies were gray and the day seemed over. But as I was heading up the hill to Morningside Heights, I was startled to spot a Cooper's Hawk in Morningside Park, perched just across the street from the Cathedral of St. John the Divine.

Morningside Coopie

And speaking of the cathedral, what about the red-tail nest there? Well, it turns out that it's in use and the female is brooding. James reported Friday that he could see the tips of some tail feathers poking above the lip of the nest. I saw the same late Sunday, but it turned out that earlier in the day, James had also seen a nest break. It seems the season at the cathedral nest has started a week early this year.

Posted 3/17/2013 11:25:00 PM by Robert

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