3/9, Almost Nesting Time

Word is that the Washington Square red-tailed hawk nest already has eggs. The two way uptown nests should have mama hawks in the nest any day now, but apparently not quite yet. I checked on the Highbridge nest on Saturday afternoon and found it empty. After some casting about I discovered George perched on a chimney cover on the far side of the Harlem River at Sedgwick and Tremont, about 450 yards from the nest. Martha joined him there a couple minutes later.

George & Martha & Jet Blue?

A couple minutes of quiet perching, an (ahem) quickie, and a couple more minutes of perching. Martha then took off to the north and soared about, George followed a half minute later. Then they dropped down into the trees at Bronx Community College and out of sight.

Posted 3/10/2013 05:04:00 AM by Robert

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