7/8, In Morningside Park

Although it's been about a month since they fledged, Monday marked the first time that I found one of the St. John's cathedral red-tail youngsters lurking across the street inside Morningside Park.

Morningside Park Juvenile Hawk

Robin noise was the big clue. Enough of it that for a little bit, I wondered if there was another juvenile hawk perched not far away.

July 8

Some 15 minutes later the hawk perked up.

Morningside Park Juvenile Hawk

Walked down the branch and stared at something in the foliage just below.

Morningside Park Juvenile Hawk

Then dropped into the network of twigs and leaves.

Finding nothing there, it dropped a bit further down onto a solid branch and began working its way back out.

Morningside Park Juvenile Hawk

The new spot seemed to leave it more open to robin attacks, and then a pesky blue jay showed up.

Morningside Park Juvenile Hawk

But it finally settled on a spot that it liked and stayed put.

No sign of the other two fledglings.

Posted 7/08/2013 08:31:00 PM by Robert

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