July 6, 2013

7/5, Stronger Every Day

The cathedral red-tail fledglings are still lurking about 113th St., but they're perching higher up and farther away from their past haunts. Also, the parents are not hanging about to keep an eye on them.

I'd had sightings of the three fledges over the past week, but Friday evening provided for some long looks. First seen was a fledge perched on St. Ansgar chapel, but even as I maneuvered for a camera angle, he moved over to the eave of St. Boniface.

Fledge on Chapel

And moments later, from there over to a tree limb over Morningside Drive. But wait, another fledge comes swooping on and perches on the next tree south.

Fledge on Morningside Drive

But this situation doesn't last long either. The second fledge took off for a spot somewhere on the west side of the cathedral's transept, and the second followed to the east side. The second stayed put.

Fledge on Transept Beam

But the other decided to move higher up. It took off and circled above the parking lot.

July 5

And circled and circled -- at least five loops -- gaining height.

Fledge over 113th St.

And finally alit on St. Gabriel atop the cathedral.

Fledge and Gabriel

And there they stayed. One fledge hanging low and watching the edge of the parking lot for mice.

Fledge on Transept Beam

Fledge on Transept Beam

And one perched on high.

Fledge and Gabriel

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