6/28, Late Gathering

Early Friday evening initially revealed only one of the St. John's cathedral red-tailed hawk fledglings perched in view. He was up on the high ledge between the nave and crossing.


Casting about the area over the next 30 minutes did not reveal the other two fledges. But after the third or fourth check back on the one already found, I discovered it moved somewhere out of view. Minutes later it popped off a spire on the side of the cathedral's West Front, did a circle around the parking lot and returned to the spire. A minute there and then another circle over the lot and up to an eave on the side of the nave.


Begging noises revealed another fledge on the dome cap above the hospital entrance, and then momma Isolde came flying over south to north.

The first fledge shifted over to the top of the un-started tower on the north side of the West Front.


Another pass over the area by mama Isolde, and then the fledge on the hospital roof flew over to join its sib top the West front. And then the third fledgling also came off the hospital roof and flew over to join them.

The three fledglings hung out together for about 5-10 minutes. But when Isolde briefly re-appeared perched atop the hospital, two of them flew back over that direction while the third disappeared from view. Isolde didn't stay, leaving the fledglings to poke around the hospital roof for uneaten meals.

Posted 6/28/2013 09:48:00 PM by Robert

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