5/31, False Alarm

I received a text message from another hawk watcher Friday afternoon that only two baby hawks were visible in the cathedral nest. Had one of them fledged? I headed over to the scene earlier than usual and initially saw just two nestlings. (And one was seeing me.)

Two Nestlings

One of the parents was up on the cathedral roof, and we had the impression it was keeping an eye on the cathedral close, on the far side of the cathedral.

Dad on a Wing

But after a hike around the cathedral and some time spent checking out the robin noises along the chapel rooftops... Well, let's check the nest again.

Three Nestlings

All three nestlings present and accounted before.

The red-tail nest at the cathedral has in past years been fairly regular about how soon the first nestling fledges from the nest. So my dollar is on Thursday next week.

Posted 6/01/2013 04:07:00 AM by Robert

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