6/22, Washington Heights Fledge

As expected, the two young hawks in the Washington Heights fire escape nest fledged this past week. Casting about the noisy neighborhood park late Saturday afternoon, I eventually found one of them hopping about a cellphone antenna atop an apartment building two blocks from the nest.

Washington Heights Fledge

June 22

Finally it perched on one of the antenna panels and stayed, preening for the next 45 minutes or more.

Washington Heights Fledge

Sunset crept closer.

Washington Heights Fledge

Eventually the fledge got up and took off, landing on the roof of the nearby school. It hopped about there for a minute and disappeared from view.

No sign of the other fledgling. One of the parents was in the area, perched on a water tower at the corner of Broadway and 173rd., for much of the time.

Posted 6/23/2013 09:43:00 PM by Robert

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