6/14, Friday on 113th St.

Early Friday evening revealed two of the fledglings and both parents from the cathedral hawk family in view along 113th St. Photos are few, however, as it took some time to figure why the white balance on my camera was messed up.

The two fledges were on the roof of the Plant Pavilion of St. Luke's Hospital, mostly preening.

Fledge on the Plant Pavilion

Although one started wandering about and soon ended up close to its sib.

Two Fledges on the Plant Pavilion

When a parent alit on the old dome platform above the hospital entrance, both fledges flew over to the roof of the Minturn Pavilion, then managed to end up out of site of anyone watching below. The parent was soon joined by the other; possibly there was a meal delivery, with the male having arriving first with food for female.

In any event, some 20 minutes later no hawk was in sight, and then Isolde returned to land on the Plant Pavilion.


Then she switched over to a spire on the side of the unbuilt north tower on the cathedral's West Front.

June 14

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