6/9, All Three Out

The third young hawk from the red-tail nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine fledged Sunday morning, flying across the street to St. Luke's Hospital. Early afternoon hawkwatchers found him or her perched on a window ledge. Its brother and sister were hanging about the inside fence of the parking lot below the nest.

At the end of the afternoon, I checked the window ledges at the Plant Pavilion and the new fledge was not immediately in view. But the first two fledges were perched together in the small tree at the corner of the parking lot.

June 9

Checking the hospital again... oh, there's the new fledge on a window ledge on the fifth floor of the Minturn Pavilion.

Cathedral Fledge 3

And momma Isolde perched across the street by the cathedral where she can watch.

Isolde Watches

Over the next hour, the new fledge got a lesson that one cannot fly through a window to perch on whatever is on the other side.

Cathedral Fledge 3

As evening began, the two first fledges remained in their tree. Preening was all they had on their agenda.

Cathedral Fledges 1 & 2

Isolde had departed for a little while but returned to perch atop the hospital entrance where the dome used to be, and the new fledge remained at the same window.

Cathedral Fledge 3

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