6/21, Friday on 113th St

Early Friday evening again found two of the cathedral red-tail fledglings perched on the roof of the hospital Plant Pavilion.

June 21

But they were active and both soon worked their way up to the top of the chimney where mama Isolde likes to perch.

Cathedral Fledges

Eventually I found the third fledgling perched on a finial on the southeast side of cathedral apse roof, but in a moment it dove off and into the area between the Cathedral School and the Avalon condos.

I worked my way around the block to see where the third fledge might have gone. But first there was the sight of the hawk father soaring south from the cathedral, circling around, and then drifiting down to perch on the Verizon building in Manhattan Valley.

And, oh, there's mama Isolde up on Gabriel's horn.


And while I was walking around, the fledge had returned to an apse finial. But again it was off, this time headed north.

Back on 113th St. I scanned about for any of the young hawks, but all were apparently out of view. But hold it, there's a smudge along the eave of the cathedral nave, and oh, there's another fledge in the gap between the nave and crossing dome. Minutes later they both came flying back across the street, the follower screeching. Atop the hospital again, they joined their sib.

All Three Cathedral Fledges

The trio stayed together for about 10 minutes before the one on the left decided it had had enough of sibling camaraderie. It flew back to the cathedral, leaving two preening and stretching on the rooftop railing.

Such a Cramp I Had

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