6/13, Learning to Land

Thursday evening before the rain started, two cathedral hawk fledglings were in view. One was already learning how to stick a landing.

The initial sighting revealed both fledges on the roof of Boniface chapel, one eating part of pigeon and the other just hanging about. The latter eventually decided to move on and took the short flight over to the roof of Ansgar chapel, then while I wasn't looking alit on a spire.

Two Saints and a Fledgling

The breeze was picking up, and staying there wasn't entirely easy.

June 13

Meanwhile, momma Isolde was across the street watching.

Isolde Watching

As rain started to fall, the finial fledge flew to another finial, his flight perhaps aided by a headwind which allowed for landing preparations. The other fledge in view finished its meal and began to wander about the chapel roof.

Two Fledglings on a Gray Evening

Time to exit. One hopes the fledglings found a dry spot to hide.

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