5/30, More Cathedral Trio

Thursday evening found all five members of the red-tail family at the cathedral present and accounted for.

First in view were two of the nestlings.

Red-Tail Nestlings

And then we noticed papa was sitting on the turret directly above the nest.

Cathedral Male Red-Tail

After ten minutes, he flew across the street to the roof of the hospital. I eventually followed after, and found Isolde perched atop the Minturn Pavilion.

May 30

The male was hidden away between the Minturn and Plant pavilions, appearing only when he took off and left the scene.

Back at the nest, all three babies were now visible.

Red-Tail Trio

The one at the left shifted over to the right, where it could see mama on the hospital roof.

Red-Tail Trio

And everybody stayed in those positions for the next half hour or more. There was no flapping and precious little wing-stretching. Just lots of preening, sky watching, and it appears some digesting.

As I exited to the west Isolde was still atop the hospital. Perhaps she's getting the idea into her babies' heads that if they want something, they'll have to come get it. Fledge time should be coming late next week.

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On 5/31/2013 10:35 PM , Akira Kurosawa said...

that last pic is really great!