5/29, Definitely a Trio

I haven't been able to visit the hawk nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine as much as I'd like, so I had yet to get a clean look at all three baby hawks. Despite one of the nestlings dominating the scene on Wednesday evening, a view of all three babies finally arrived near sunset.

At first sight it looked like it might be a slow evening. Two nestlings visible, but not doing much.

In the Nest

But one was restless and began moving about a bit, switching sides of the nest a couple times over the next half hour. Sometimes a second could be seen peeking around or over him.

Bird on the Hand

After some time the eldest (presumably) was out on the edge of the nest and did some wing stretches and some panic flapping.

Wing Test

Wing Test

Sometimes a sibling head could just be seen watching. But mostly not.

Wing Test

A few last flaps.

May 29

And then it was time to settle down, preen and watch the skies.

A second nestling popped up and also started preening. And then as the light faded, a third head popped up.

Three Baby Hawks

All three were visible for a few minutes.

About then one of the parents flew over, but alit on the hospital roof down the street. One or two of the nestlings could be seen looking that way, hoping for food, but no luck.

Posted 5/29/2013 11:04:00 PM by Robert

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