5/18, Hawk Nestlings in Washington Heights

On a very gray but temperate Saturday, I checked on the Washington Heights fire escape red-tailed hawk nest and got a couple short glimpses of baby hawks.

On arrival, I found the mother hawk perched on the railing just above her nest.

Washington Heights Mother Hawk

Although she looked over her shoulder now and again, she had her back to the street and was facing toward the nest. But the nest was quiet.

ABout 15-20 minutes later, the father paid a visit.

Washington Heights Hawks

A short visit. A half minute later he was off and gone.

Washington Heights Hawks

Momma stayed put.

Washington Heights Mother Hawk

A little bit later some motion in the nest itself. A baby hawk appears.

Washington Heights Baby Hawk

Visibile just for a moment, and then back to sleep.

The mother stayed where she was, and stayed.

Washington Heights Mother Hawk

She did turn around and watch the street for a while.

May 18

After an hour or so, I took a short walk around the nearby park. The mother hawk apparently took a spin too, as we both returned to the nest area about the same time, not long before sunset.

Some motion in the nest again, and this time there were two babies visible in the dimming light. Momma hopped down in the nest for a moment, and the nestlings settled down. She took off again perhaps to hunt, and all was quiet.

Posted 5/19/2013 03:39:00 AM by Robert

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On 5/21/2013 9:08 AM , Salvador Farciert said...

What street?

On 5/21/2013 9:10 AM , Salvador Farciert said...

I saw one this am taking a drink of water at J.Hood Park.

On 6/01/2014 9:35 AM , Rafael Nova Cantaves said...

Visited the sight Saturday, 7/31. I'm three blocks away. What an awesome sight! May God protect them.