5/8, Cathedral Nestlings

First sightings of nestlings at the hawk nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine came in the middle of the week. On Tuesday the 7th, Jeremy shot some video that showed two healthy red-tail nestlings looking out of the nest. On Wednesday the 8th, I went by to get a look.

All quiet at first, just a sighting of the father soaring north up into the 120s, circling about and then coming back south over Morningside Park.

Hawk over MSD

About 6:45, mama Isolde appeared and started a feeding. As she was feeding to the right, a nestling's head could be seen bobbing up to the left.

Isolde Feeding the Babies

And eventually she started feeding to the left, and the nestling at right was clearly visible.

Isolde Feeding the Babies

The feeding ended and Isolde looked around a bit, watched someone fly over, and then took off herself.


She returned a bit later at which time I had to leave, but she apparently started another feeding.

But lest the above comments lead you to think there are just two nestlings in the cathedral nest, it's definite that there are three. Bruce arrived in the middle of the first feeding and shot some video of that feeding and of the second. At one point, three separate nestlings could be seen all at the same time.

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