5/22, Head Feathers

A week goes by and another benchmark is passed: the baby hawks at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine are growing in their head feathers.

Late Wednesday afternoon I arrived to catch the tail end of a feeding. Isolde departed moments later.

Isolde Departs

Although there were glimpses of two of the nestlings, only one was active for long enough to get some pictures.

Cathedral RT Nestling

Some not-quite wing flaps. More balance flaps.

Cathedral RT Nestling

A quick look out the other side of the nest.

Cathedral RT Nestling

And then the one visible nestling settled down, its head just barely visible above the edge of the nest.

Mama Isolde had returned to the cathedral area and perched up top on Gabriel's horn, preening a bit and then sitting quietly.

May 22

She departed about the same time I did.

Posted 5/23/2013 12:51:00 AM by Robert

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