7/9, Over the Close

Perhaps following what seems to have been the progression of the past few years, the young red-tailed hawks at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine seem to be changing their lurking place from the north side of the cathedral to the south. If this continues, they'll be terrorizing the squirrels in the cathedral's close and staring at peacock over the next two to three weeks.

First sighting on Tuesday evening was a hawk fledgling on the unfinished tower of the cathedrals' West front, watching the activity in the close.

Hawk Fledge on West Front Tower

What was there to see? Well, Phil, for example.

July 9

Perched on a fence so that we were at eye level.


After 30-40 minutes checking for the other fledglings along Morningside Drive and in Morningside Park -- no luck despite the robin having a conniption near the street -- I ehaded back toward Amsterdam Ave. And there atop the cathedral nave was another fledgling.

Hawk Fledge stop Nave

Soon after I stepped back into the close, the second fledge over to join its sib atop the West Front, where they stayed as the sky turned gloomy.

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