4/19, Hatch in North Highbridge

I wasn't expecting eggs to have hatched at the red-tailed hawk nest at the north end of Highbridge Park for another couple days, but I checked the nest Saturday afternoon while on the way to visit another. I was wrong in a good way.

I arrived to see Martha's tail sticking up above the nest and wiggling around. It lasted less than a minute, so maybe I'd caught the very end of a feeding or just a vigorous egg rotation. But about 7-8 minutes later, Martha got back up and most definitely started feeding someone very, very small in the bottom of the nest. There'd been a hatch

Red-Tailed Hawk (6857)

Five minute later while she was still feeding, George flew in for a visit.

Red-Tailed Hawks (6869)

He looked around a bit.

Red-Tailed Hawks (6885)

Red-Tailed Hawks (6887)

And then flew out of the nest and perched on a branch about 25 feet above my head.

Red-Tailed Hawk (6901)

He must have eaten recently because he had some schmutz to wipe off his beak.

Red-Tailed Hawk (6892)

A minute after George took off, Martha finished feeding the new baby and settled back down in the nest.

Posted 4/19/2014 08:46:00 PM by Robert

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