4/26, Highbridge Park/Swindler Cove

Late Saturday afternoon, after a bout or two of drizzle, I visited the red-tailed hawk nest near the north end of Highbridge Park. A few minutes after I arrived, Martha stood up in the nest and it looked like she was getting ready to start a feeding. Moments later, George flew in, bringing food.

Red-Tailed Hawks in Nest (7651)

George took a quick look inside the nest and decided he wasn't going to hang around. He began walking out the branch supporting one side of the nest.

Red-Tailed Hawks in Nest (7664)

Red-Tailed Hawks in Nest (7667)

The feeding last about 12 or 13 minutes. Because of the viewing angle I got nary a peep of a fuzzy head. There was one white spot visible through the sticks and twigs but I finally decided that it was the food that George had just delivered.

Around 5:20 the meal was over and Martha settled back in the nest. George remained on a nearby tree limb about 20 feet away, occasionally getting buzzed by a bluejay.

Red-Tailed Hawk (7680)

Posted 4/26/2014 09:32:00 PM by Robert

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