4/21, St. John the Divine

Eggs are hatching at red-tailed hawk nests all around town. But what about the Cathedral of St. John the Divine? The time is right, but after watching the nest for an hour this evening, I'd have to say the odds are 50/50 that it has happened.

When I first arrived, Isolde was fussing about in the nest. Possibly a feeding in action but she was mostly out of site 30 seconds later. She was back up after a few minutes but then back down in the nest after a minute. From the angle of her tail, it's possible she was sitting a bit to the side of the nest bowl, either to give someone small some breathing room, or perhaps because an egg was wiggling.

While watching for further activity, I looked up to see one of the pesky neighbors land atop a hospital roof.

American Kestrel (7097)

The kestrel wasn't there along, apparently because it was busy bothering the cathedral male hawk, who had landed on the netting around the hospital's Minturn Pavilion. The male wasn't going anywhere.

Red-Tailed Hawk (7175)

Still there 15-20 minutes later as sunset light washes across the rooftops.

Red-Tailed Hawk (7180)

Stretching a little bit but still staying.

Red-Tailed Hawk (7186)

Over at the nest, Isolde popped up around 7:15.

Red-Tailed Hawk (7200)

Feeding behavior? Maybe not. Although she was up for 3-4 minutes, she spent as much time looking around as she did peering into the nest. If she was feeding anyone, it was just a bedtime snack.

Red-Tailed Hawk (7242)

Posted 4/21/2014 11:46:00 PM by Robert

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