7/18, St. John the Divine

A very fine Friday evening found two red-tailed hawks in view in the cathedral area, an adult and a juvenile.

Norman, the adult male, was hanging out atop St. Luke's hospital, perched on his favorite chimney screen.

Cathedral Hawk - 4232

And in the close on the south side of the cathedral, one of Norman's kids was on the prowl. Initially he was lurking in the treetops above the pulpit lawn, but I spotted him as he came flying out, first perching in a tree by the Cathedral House, and then heading over to the roof of the Deanery.



Although he settled and looked around for a minute or so.


Before taking off the to the east and past the Cathedral School. Whether he headed into Morningside Park or circled back around, I wasn't able to find him again.

Posted 7/18/2014 09:18:00 PM by Robert

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