7/9, St. John the Divine

Both of the healthy young red-tailed hawks at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine were on view Wednesday evening, one down low and one up high.

The first was busy preening in a tree near the Peace Fountain Garden.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3835

Only occasional robin alarms or squirrel noises, so who knows what might have occasionally perturbed him.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3837

Back to preening that one spot.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3840

Yes, that spot.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3841

Another hawk came flying by, high up and heading east along 110th St. Presumably that was the other juvenile, whom I shortly discovered perched atop 1MSD.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3863

Meanwhile, the first hawk has disappeared from view, although alarums eventually revealed him perched in a very dark spot in a tree by the Cathedral House. Soon enough he popped out of there and flew over into a tree in the middle of the pulpit lawn.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3875

At this point it looked like he was thinking about hunting, or at least intently curious as to the squirrels and small birds in the area.

Juvenile Cathedral Hawk - 3889

As time came for cathedral staff to close the gates, there was a last bit of activity. A couple swoops across the lawn and a dive at something on the ground. Final sighting was of one of the hawks flying between the Synod and Diocesan houses and across 110th St. to the apartments to the south.

Posted 7/09/2014 08:20:00 PM by Robert

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