1/1, Central Park Pool

Although I got into Central Park later than I'd hoped on a clear New Year's Day afternoon, the first raptor sighting of the year came within five minutes and lasted a good long while. A juvenile red-tailed hawk was lurking in a tree by the south side of the Pool.

Juvenile Red-Tail - 4494

Juvenile Red-Tail - 4502

Juvenile Red-Tail - 4505

Juvenile Red-Tail - 4508

He didn't seem to be hunting and was showing no sign of going anywhere. Eventually I wandered off to check around the North Woods and Fort Clinton for any other hawks who might be around. No luck.

Back at the Pool a half hour later, I found the juvie red-tail still in place. But soon he started hopping around, moving from brach to branch and migrating slowly down the tree.

Juvenile Red-Tail - 4535

Juvenile Red-Tail - 4556

Numerous passers-by and dogwalkers stopped to check out the hawk, who was now down to a branch just 20 feet off the ground. He had started regularly ogling the ground directly below.

Juvenile Red-Tail - 4562

And finally, right about sunset, he dropped all the way to the ground. Aha, the remains of a squirrel. The hawk's desire for some seconds was stronger than his nervousness about the human spectators.

Juvenile Red-Tail - 4582

But after a few minutes when someone approached with an off-leash dog, the hawk grabbed up the carcass and buzzed away over the pond to a more private spot.

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On 1/02/2015 12:04 PM , Sweenya said...

Glad to have you back...Happy New Year!