1/24, J. Hood Wright Park

On a gloomy Saturday afternoon, in the break between the snow and the rain, I went for a long walk to check on the Upper Manhattan red-tailed hawk nests. As it turned out, only one hawk was to be seen, and him at the very first nest.

First stop was J. Hood Wright Park, at Ft. Washington Ave. and 175th St. In the past I've had poor luck spotting one of the adult hawks here when it wasn't nesting season. But Saturday one of them was perched atop a fire escape on the back side of a building on 176th St. Barely was my camera out before he jumped off.

Wright Park Hawk - 4768

Wright Park Hawk - 4769

And landed in a tree in the park.

Wright Park Hawk - 4778

I don't know their markings well but the build suggests that this was the male of the Wright Park pair.

After ten minutes in the tree, the hawk turned around.

Wright Park Hawk - 4797

Flew back to the fire escape.

Wright Park Hawk - 4801

And after a couple more minutes, took off towards P.S. 173 and out of sight.

Visits were subsequently paid to the Gorman Park, Highbridge Park, and Inwood Hill Park nest areas.

Posted 1/24/2015 07:33:00 PM by Robert

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