1/30, Riverside Park

Since the blizzard that wasn't, I've been walking alongside Riverside Park in the 100s and 110s on my way to work to see if the young red-tailed hawk was still in the area. Friday I found him hunting near 108th St.

Young Riverside Red-Tail - 4909

Just enough time to shoot two pictures and then he was in the air. Up to 109th St and then back and down toward 107th.

Soar - 4915

Soar - 4916

Back up and into a tree. Perch for maybe half a minute, and then take off again.

Leap - 4920

And down into a tree almost touching the park wall. Hmmm, apparently missed some prey.

It was Here a Second Ago - 4923

Oh, wait. There's a squirrel on the other side of the tree. But how to get at him?

C'Mon Out, I Can See You - 4927

Hop up a branch, look around, hop back down. Meanwhile the squirrel takes off. Drat.

Hmmm, What's Plan B? - 4928

Take off again and go perch in a tree in the middle of the park.

Young Riverside Red-Tail - 4950

And ponder our tactics.

Young Riverside Red-Tail - 4948

There I left him as I continued on to work. But he wasn't the only raptor sighting of the day. At 113th St. I happened to look up and way, way overhead, someone was circling around. It seems a turkey vulture was checking out the scene.

Posted 1/30/2015 03:52:00 PM by Robert

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