2/1, Turtle Pond & 72nd St. Transverse

A long walk on Saturday through three parks found no hawks, so on Sunday I headed for the lower half of Central Park, where multiple juvenile red-tails have supposedly been busy. Sure enough, they were there.

First found was a young hawk hunting around the Delacorte Theater and Turtle Pond, spotted when he zoomed low across the pond and up into the solo tree on the north bank.

Turtle Pond Hawk - 4986

He spent 10-12 minutes there, ogling the ground below for mice and giving the photographer the occasional dirty look.

Turtle Pond Hawk - 4997

Turtle Pond Hawk - 5001

Turtle Pond Hawk - 5007

Turtle Pond Hawk - 5010

Turtle Pond Hawk - 5014

After flying back to a tree overlooking the theater, he was last seen diving down in the trees with a group of blue jays jeering him on his way.

Next to be found was another juvie red-tail hunting along the park's 72nd St. Transverse. On his first view, he was flying up into a tree near the Bandshell and the Bethesda Terrace.

Bandshell Hawk - 5028

But he wasn't idle, exiting the tree a couple minutes later, diving down toward the Dead Road and out of sight. Sighting over the next half hour had him working the area to the west, around Cherry Hill. When last seen he was flying past the Falconer statue.

Sunset was approaching and it was time to call it a day. But one last hawk was waiting to be found. High up a tree along the west end of the Lake near the 78th St. entrance, another young red-tail was digesting dinner.

Digesting - 5073

Possibly that last bird was the same as the first one who had been hunting just a half mile north.

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