2/7, Dyckman St. & 182nd St.

Saturday afternoon I headed uptown to see if any of the resident adult hawks might be found near their nesting sites.

First stop was the Highbridge Park nest, across Harlem River Drive from Swindler Cove. No immediate sign of hawks in the area, but just as I was making a move to leave, a pair of them came sailing overhead and into the Dyckman Houses.

A few minutes later I found Highbridge George perched atop one chimney cover.

Highbridge George - 5201

But he quickly got up and flew back south, where he joined Martha atop the building at the corner of Dyckman and Tenth Ave.

Highbridge George & Martha - 5226

That's George at left and Martha at right. In addition to the size difference, you can figure out which one is George because he has a darker breast than most Manhattan hawks.

Highbridge George & Martha - 5230

They perched together for fifteen minutes. But when it looked like Martha was settling in for a good preen, George made his exit.

I did likewise, heading southwest. Heading down Broadway and crossing 190th St., I looked around for hawks. No sign of them, but I could see that the Gorman Park nest was still in place.

Continuing south, I realized that there was something not quite right about a cellular antenna at the corner of 182nd St. Looks like I found one of the Gorman Park hawks.

Uptown Hawk - 5366

Whoever it was enjoying the sunlight finally breaking through the clouds at the end of the day, and digesting a good meal.

Uptown Hawk - 5371

Meanwhile watching the traffic go by on Broadway below.

Uptown Hawk - 5374

And eying the pigeons lined up along the edge of a nearby rooftop.

Uptown Hawk - 5378

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