2/20, Morningside Park

So a blog named Morningside Hawks should maybe say something about Morningside hawks? No?

I have been checking the cathedral red-tailed hawk nesting area in recent weeks and seen some evidence of nesting activity, but without any actual red-tails to prove it.

Checking again late Friday afternoon, my timing was just good enough to get a few photos of a juvenile red-tail circling around the northern part of Morningside Park and then soaring south toward 110th St. and perhaps beyond. The youngster had a pretty good belly band.

Red-Tail Over Morningside - 5713

Red-Tail Over Morningside - 5714

Red-Tail Over Morningside - 5715

Meanwhile, perched below in the shadows between 115th and 116th streets was a juvenile Cooper's hawk, digesting a meal.

Morningside Cooper's Hawk - 5724

The Coopie may be the same bird who was scaring the hospital pigeons this past Sunday afternoon.

Posted 2/20/2015 05:37:00 PM by Robert

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