2/28, Inwood Hill Park

Saturday afternoon was gorgeous, a perfect time to go for a long walk in the parks of upper Manhattan and along the Hudson River. It was, however, too late in the day to catch the eagles on the river.

Cold Trees - 2208

Near sunset, I found myself passing through the nest area of the Inwood Hill Park hawks. First hawk sighting of the day was a juvie red-tail perched about 200 yards from the nest. A few minutes later he flew into the top of an evergreen where it seemed he was going to roost. One of the resident adults soon appeared and gave a hard stare.

Inwood Red-Tail - 5997

But apparently decided it wasn't worth the effort to chase the interloper out of the area this late in the day. The adult soon took off to its own roosting spot.

Posted 2/28/2015 09:15:00 PM by Robert

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