3/1, Central Park Tennis Courts

You'd think heavy snow would put paid to hawkwatching, but it's not like the hawks can hide indoors when the weather's bad. (Well, maybe in the shelter of a nice fire escape.) Sunday afternoon I discovered a red-tailed hawk perched between Central Park's Tennis Courts and loop road, near West 95th St.

Snow Hawk - 6016

But juvenile or adult?

Snow Hawk - 6024

Tail feathers say adult.

Snow was obscuring photos, but snow was also accumulating on the hawk's head.

Snow Hawk - 6035

And on the beak. That's got to be irritating.

Snow Hawk - 6043

But an adult hawk, hmmm. Doesn't look the same bird I saw last weekend about five blocks north. Perhaps this was the other cathedral adult venturing a little farther south than I'm used to seeing them. Or perhaps the rumors of a possible new hawk nest along Central Park West are true.

Posted 3/01/2015 06:59:00 PM by Robert

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