3/7, Gorman Park & Highbridge/Swindler Cove

As we move deeper into March, checking on red-tailed hawk nest sites is more often resulting in hawk sightings. It's only 2-4 weeks before egg-laying time and the hawks are sticking closer to "home".

Saturday afternoon I took one of my long Uptown walks. Shortly after exiting the 1 train subway entrance at Broadway and 190th St., near the Gorman Park nest, I looked up the hillside to the west and saw a hawk perched on the apartment building on Ft. Washington Ave. near the A train station. Even as I was getting my camera out, the male of the pair flew up and they mated, then perched together for a minute.

Gorman/Tryon Hawks - 6175

The female then took off into Fort Tryon Park, and I also moved on.

Some time later I entered Highbridge Park close to the red-tail nest across from Swindler Cove. Immediately, Highbridge George flew in and landed in the tree directly overhead.

Highbridge George - 6189

He looked around for a few minutes.

Highbridge George - 6204

And then took off, circled around four or five times and sailed over the hill and out of sight.

A bit later, I passed by the nest site at J. Hood Wright Park. Very briefly a hawk was visible to the southwest atop one of the dorms on Haven Ave. but it quickly departed.

Posted 3/07/2015 08:58:00 PM by Robert

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