3/14, Highbridge Park/Swindler Cove

In a couple visits earlier this year, I wondered if the red-tailed hawks at the north end of Highbridge Park were working on a new nest about a 100 feet away from the one they'd used the past two years. Checking there the end of Saturday afternoon, it instead looked much more likely that they'll be continuing with the existing nest.

The male, George, flew in almost at the same time as I walked up. He landed on a tall stump a bit up the hillside.

Highbridge George - 6811

Highbridge George - 6812

Highbridge George - 6813

Ah, and he has food.

Highbridge George - 6814

But the food wasn't for him. George began calling for the female, Martha.

Highbridge George - 6815

But she apparently wasn't within earshot. George kept calling, and flew around to several other spots in the nest area, looking for Martha.

Highbridge George - 6858

After twenty minutes be apparently decided that he'd earned some of the rat for himself and had a few bites, carried the rat up to the nest, and had a few more butes.

He left the rat in the nest and flew around to a couple more perches in the area, scanning the skies. After close to a half hour, he apparently gave up and flew away. But on my own way out, I found him perched just down the street atop the nearest of the Dyckman Houses, preening and watching the nest area.

Posted 3/14/2015 09:03:00 PM by Robert

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