3/14, Gorman Park

Despite the drizzle and fog, I headed uptown Saturday afternoon to check on hawk nests. It's almost egg-laying time, and it's time to check and doublecheck that nest sites are going to be used.

p>The Gorman Park nest (actually overlooking Broadway Terrace) can be seen from Overlook Terrace across Fort George valley is you have good optics and if you know where to look.

Gorman Park Nest - 6697

And there was a hawk perched on the fire escape railing by the nest. Looks like the female is getting in the mood, just like we say with the female at the St. John's nest this past week.

She was staying put. When I got down to Broadway, she was still up there.

Gorman Park Gertie - 6714

And as I passed below, still there.

Gorman Park Gertie - 6723

But after a half hour of perching on the railing, she hopped down into the nest.

Gorman Park Gertie - 6743

She apparently shuffled sticks for a minute or two, but otherwise she sat and scanned the skies. Another 12-15 minutes later as I was distracted by a passer by, she disappeared.

Posted 3/14/2015 08:52:00 PM by Robert

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