3/21, Gorman Park & Highbridge/Swindler Cove

Again a Saturday checking on some red-tailed hawk nests in upper Manhattan.

Viewing the Gorman Park nest at 190th St. from over 300 yards away across the valley near the Fort Tryon subway stop, I could just barely see a hawk head poking up from the nest.

Gorman Park Hawk Nest - 7278

So it looks like the Gorman Park nest has joined the Washington Square Park nest as one of the first of the Manhattan nests to have a hawk mama brooding egg(s).

A half hour later over in Highbridge Park by Swindler Cove, the nest looked empty. Moments later a hawk landed in a treetop across Harlem River Drive in Swindler Cove Park. Initially I thought it was George, but as events would show, it was Martha.

Martha played scarum with a squirrel in the treetop for about five minutes, where the squirrel would try to sneak up below her and then she tried to pounce. But after they both tired of that, Martha flew across the road and landed in the nest tree. She looked around for a few minutes.

Highbridge Martha - 7370

And then George flew in from somewhere to the northwest.

George Arrives - 7371

Oh, he's not planning to perch alongside her.

Wild(life) Sex - 7372

Hawk sex ensued.

Wild(life) Sex - 7376

Wild(life) Sex - 7379

Wild(life) Sex - 7380

The "tree shaker" lasted a bit longer than I am used to see this sort of thing take.

Wild(life) Sex - 7385

Finally it was over, and both hawks spent a few moments adjusting feathers.

After Glow - 7404

And right about the time I decided I needed to leave, both hawks took off, flying east and across the Harlem River.

Posted 3/21/2015 10:47:00 PM by Robert

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