3/30, St. John the Divine

The red-tailed hawks at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine continue to be a bit coy about whether there are eggs in their nest. Monday I did see evidence that the female was spending time in the nest in brooding position, but she also seemed willing to leave it unattended. So there might be eggs up there, but perhaps not yet a full clutch.

Checking the site in mid-afternoon when the light would be better, all initially seemed quiet. I walked down into Morningside Park after one of the local dogwalkers excitedly pointed out that there was an egret at the park pond.

Morninside Egret - 8032

Definitely a sign of spring.

Back up to the top of the hill, Madeleine was poking her head out of the hawk nest.

Madeleine in Her Nest - 8055

And instantly leaping out.

Madeleine Leaves the Nest - 8058

And circling over Morningside Park.

Madeleine Over Morningside - 8062

Madeleine over Morningside - 8063

Madeleine Over Morningside - 8065

Madeleine over Morningside - 8067

Madeleine Over Morningside - 8069

Before soaring off to the east. It wasn't clear whether Madeleine was leaving after a quick visit, or if she had been hiding up there earlier. And no sign of Norman during that scene.

Returning in the early evening, I found that it is very possible for Madeleine to be in the nest and not be visible from street level at all. Just after 6:30, when the nest had been unattended for at least ten minutes, she flew into the nest and slowly settled down so low that she couldn't be seen. No sign of Norman until he also flew in from the east and landed atop the archangel Gabriel on the cathedral roof.

Gabriel & Hawk - 8177

He stayed up there for ten minutes watching the skies to the west, and then took off. A bit later I found him perched atop 501 West 110th, still watching the west.

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