3/6, St. John the Divine

Late Friday afternoon, I finally made my first sighting of the year of an adult red-tailed hawk near the Cathedral of St. John the Divine. By the end of the day, there was further proof that the hawks will be nesting at or near the cathedral this spring despite the construction.

At 5:00 I discovered a hawk perched on what hawkwatchers have called "Norman's chimney", near the west end of St. Luke's hospital. It was a difficult angle to get a good picture of; the only clear shot was from three blocks away on the Columbia campus.

Hospital Hawk - 6128

But was the hawk Norman, or the new female?

At 5:30, the other adult flew in from the south.

Hospital Hawks - 6134

The new arrival looked smaller, so that would be Norman. And a half minute later it was obvious who was whom, as the hawks mated.

Afterwards, the pair perched together until I finally decided it was too cold to try and see where they went to roost.

Posted 3/06/2015 07:25:00 PM by Robert

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