2/17, Central Park North Woods

Tuesday at the end of the day, I poked my head into the northwest corner of Central Park and found two juvenile red-tailed hawks lurking in the trees not far south of the Block House.

The first, with light-colored head feathers and likely a female, was initially perched 25 or 30 feet above ground level.

North Woods Hawk - 5641

Although she looked unlikely to go anywhere, after 8-10 minutes, she moved down the branch a bit.

North Woods Hawk - 5654

Perched for another minute or two.

North Woods Hawk - 5661

And then took off toward the Block House. Heading that direction I found a juvenile red-tail perched high up a tree, but it was smaller (a male) and its head feathers not so dark. Ah, and there was the female 10-12 feet along on the same branch. Both looked like they were digesting late meals and ready to go to roost anytime.

But despite the apparent friendliness of the two hawks, when the female flew down the branch toward the male, he scrambled out of there and found a protected perch not far away.

Sunset and the evening cold loomed, and I made my exit to get dinner.

Posted 2/17/2015 08:04:00 PM by Robert

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