2/6, Riverside Park

I've continued to alter my usual route to work by walking up Riverside Drive to see if the juvenile red-tailed hawk was still around. Or one of them, as I've been told that a couple weeks ago there were two in the area. Early Friday afternoon I again encountered a hawk right around 110th St.

He first appeared making a swoop after a squirrel in a treetop near 108th St., but that failed and he headed back up to 110th, where he perched in the strip between the main part of RSD and the access road.

Riverside Red-Tail - 5115

And then launch...

Riverside Red-Tail - 5120

And swoop down a block...

Riverside Red-Tail - 5122

Where he tried to nail a squirrel in the snow and ice alongside the parked cars. That failed and he headed up into a nearby tree, giving a near miss to one car speeding by. (Whew!)

Look around and think about it.

Riverside Red-Tail - 5137


Riverside Red-Tail - 5147

Repeat some more.

Riverside Red-Tail - 5150

Working up some interest in another attack.

Riverside Red-Tail - 5157

Yes, that squirrel is apparently peeking out from under a parked car.

Riverside Red-Tail - 5160

Another swoop down at that squirrel, but another miss. The hawk sailed on and back into the tree where he'd been 6-7 minutes earlier.

Stare at that dratted squirrel.

Riverside Red-Tail - 5170

Riverside Red-Tail - 5175

And ponder.

Riverside Red-Tail - 5180

ANd time for me to leave.

Posted 2/06/2015 05:41:00 PM by Robert

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