2/8, Central Park Pool & Ravine

Late on one of the grayest Sunday afternoons you can imagine, I found two young red-tailed hawks in the northwest of Central Park.

One juvie was first seen flying back and forth over the Pool at 102nd St.

CP Juvie Red-Tall #1 - 5399

He headed east into the Ravine area. When I found a red-tail perched over there, I began to think, this isn't where that guy was headed. And then for a few seconds, there was a view of one hawk flying away farther northeast while one stayed put.

The second was apparently digesting a meal.

CP Juvie Red-Tall #2 - 5410

And watching the joggers pass by on the Glen Span Arch below.

CP Juvie Red-Tall #2 - 5411

Posted 2/08/2015 09:19:00 PM by Robert

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