5/1, J. Hood Wright Park


On a wet Sunday afternoon, I headed uptown to see if I could figure out how many nestlings were in red-tailed hawk hawk nests. But with the bad weather and bad light, success was mixed.

At the J. Hood Wright Park nest, papa flew up with dinner just after I arrived.


After the drop-off he flew across the street and perched in a tree near the subway entrance.


So how many babies are up there. We already knew there were two, but would the feeding reveal a third?


Unfortunately, despite two baby hawk heads being visible getting fed and watching mama, there was never any clear sign of a third. One never knows, though, as the babies were in regular motion and viewing angles not that great.


And it was a long feeding, going on a half hour before the rain and increasingly poor light convinced me it was time to leave.


The entire time, papa had remained in the tree across the street. In weather this murky, no need to travel around the neighborhood unless there's a real need.

Posted 5/01/2016 10:35:00 PM by Robert

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