5/9, St. John the Divine

Cathedral Hawk Nestling - 8324

The nestlings in the red-tailed hawk nest at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine are now visible from the street below, and the confirmed count stands at two. It's possible there is a third up there, but it's also possible that with the more exposed nest site, the count will stay at two. In past years there was often a third "runt" hidden by the elder siblings for a week or more, but that was in the previous nest where it was easier to remain hidden in the depths of an alcove.

I made my first sighting of a cathedral nestling a week ago, and this past Saturday while standing on the terrace at Manhattan Ave. and 112th St and using a pair of mini-binoculars, was able to see that there were two. One looked quite large and was already doing some excuse-me wing flapping as it toddled about the nest.

Monday evening it was occasional possible to see from below the nest along Morningside Drive that there were two and to get occasional looks at one or the other.

Cathedral Hawk Nestling - 8326

One obliged by getting up on the side of the nest to look around.

Cathedral Hawk Nestling - 8314

And also showed off her new wing feathers, now plainly several days into growing in.

Cathedral Hawk Nestling - 8302

Mama Madeleine was also up there the entire time, and provided the babies a couple quick snacks. Papa Norman dropped in at one point, but was there and gone in less than a minute.

Posted 5/09/2016 09:30:00 PM by Robert

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