5/21, City College Shepard Hall


What seemed bad luck in finding the 1 train shut down north of 137th St. (scotching plans to visit the hawk nests way uptown) instead turned out for the best as it led me to visit the campus of CCNY. Brief observations of the nest at Shepard Hall in recent weekends had led me to think that there had been a nest failure, but Saturday afternoon I found a 4-week old baby red-tail perching in the nest.


Looking slightly miserable perhaps, but definitely there.

Meanwhile, mama was perched close by on the top of one of the tower's four ornate spires.


And not too many minutes later, papa came flying by.


Rising out of the treetops of St. Nicholas Park and circling higher.

CCNY Papa - 8821

And then swooping off towards the south end of the campus.

Casting about for a better look, I found a spot with a flatter angle but at twice the distance or more from the nest.

Mama still on the spire.


And baby sitting quietly in the nest.


Preening a little bit, possibly trying to nap, but no wing flapping.


A bit later, papa returned and alit on the Shepard Hall flagpole, taking over nest watching duty as mama took off and flew down toward Harlem.

Posted 5/21/2016 10:42:00 PM by Robert

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